Things you need to know about 14K Gold
December 09, 2020

Things you need to know about 14K Gold

Express your individuality and immerse yourself in this exclusive world of our 14K Gold Collection. It has been specially designed for those who seek distinction and perfection in all aspects of their life.

Durability and quality of our 14K Gold pieces

14K Gold, which we offer at Castellamare, has a great resistance to daily use. This is why it's so popular in engagement and marriage rings. As a beautiful and durable metal, 14K Gold is also reasonably priced. The metal is beautiful but also durable for everyday wear.

Our 14K Gold Collection is focused on our travelers and adventurers, ideal for daily use for people with a more active lifestyle, who perform physical activities and manual work.

What care do we recommend giving your 14K Gold pieces?

One of the great advantages of gold is that it does not rust. It's resistant to time and external agents, this advantage and quality aspect defines its price. So by being properly treated it can retain its amazing shiny look for a long time.

To clean them you can go to a jeweler or you can do it yourself at home. To do it at home, we recommend leaving your pieces in warm water with hand or washing dishes soap (so that accumulated dirt falls off). Then, with the help of a soft brush (it can be a tooth or eyebrow brush), begin to brush the jewelry. Keep your jewel inside the hot water. Be careful not to scratch the jewel. When finished, dry the pieces carefully.

When you're not wearing them, store your gold jewelry in soft cloth bags or the original box to help prevent scratches.