What about Sterling Silver?

December 09, 2020

What about Sterling Silver?
At Castellamare we work with the highest quality materials, guaranteeing our customers a unique shopping experience.
We've all heard about sterling silver at some point, in this blog we advise you to understand these terms before making your purchase.

What is sterling silver?

Many of our clients have asked us this question, so we decided to answer based on our experience. Certainly one of the best guarantees you can obtain is buying your jewelry from a trusted store. At Castellamare we offer quality materials, handmade by Mexican artisans. When a jewel is made of .925 silver it usually bears a mark or seal with that number. In the case of Castellamare's silver pieces you can find the stamp on all our pieces with .925 silver, unless some of them which are very small.

Why is it called that way?

First, we would like to explain what pure silver is. It has a purity of 100% silver, it is highly malleable, so it can't be used to make jewelry. Especially since it would be really week, ​​and it could easily deform.

To avoid this, it's combined with other metals, such as copper. This combination is made to reduce that excess of malleability, but maintaining a high degree of silver.  You can find silver with different degrees of purity 950, 925, 900 and 800 (light silver), .925 silver is made up of 92.5% silver, and the rest of another metal used such as copper. The number 925 is used since it was established that a piece of 925 sterling silver means that, if we divided that piece into 1000 parts, 925 would be pure silver and the rest, the other metal.

At Castellamare we have .925 sterling silver in several of our designs, mainly because we seek to provide our clients with quality jewelry.