Amalfi Tibetan Gold 14k


$198 USD $220 USD

Tibetan Bracelets are considered good luck charms that act as shields for protection against bad vibes.

Many people around the world such as artists, athletes and actors believe that wearing one of these red bracelets around your left wrist will ward off bad luck.

Opt for the illusion of a new beginning, preserve the essential and amaze yourself with sudden wonder. Once your goal is outlined, the road is yours to discover.

Make an elegant statement and showcase your sense of style with this 14-Karat Gold bracelet made uncompromising craftsmanship.

This bracelet is made with our signature Maritime-grade Nylon Waterproof Rope. Inspired by a classically minimal look, the simplicity is its greatest virtue.

  • Handmade Bracelet
  • Details in solid 14K Gold 
  • Adjustable to Any Wrist Size