Budoni 6 mm Sodalite Hematite


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Sodalite helps us know ourselves at a deeper level, giving us a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem: Know yourself and be empowered. 

Sodalite is not only beautiful but also very powerful. It is known as the Poet's Stone because it can help you express all the things you want to say in the best way possible. There will be increased awareness and clearer visions, too. Any false illusions will be removed from the picture. This stone can act as a brigde that will help you make sense of your thoughts and feelings.

As soon as the Hematite crystal stone touches the skin, you'll feel more centered and calm with its intense but subtle vibrations. It is believed it can help you clear away confusion and orient you toward practical action in the real world. It brings the energy of higher consciousness down through the chakras to your root, and helps you transform that energy into physical reality.

    • 6mm Natural Sodalite
    • 6mm Hematite
    • Details in 316L Stainless Steel
    • Comes in a presentation box 

    Using a tailor's tape or a piece of thread and a ruler. Wrap it around your wrist in order to know your exact size (the exact size of the wrist in the picture is 18.5 cm).

    Medida pulsera Castellamare

    Please provide with the exact size as all our pieces are exclusively handmade to fit your wrist.