Silver Sailboat Cufflinks 1 Pair


$50 USD

Cufflinks are one of the most elegant and distinctive accessories when dressing in the man's wardrobe.

Its origin and its use, as we know it today, occurred in the 16th century, at the time of the Renaissance, since it was when buttonholes began to be implemented in men's shirts, which led to the boom in the use of shirts buttons.


Given this, some men wanted to distinguish themselves and not use the same buttons that everyone used, so they began to make a kind of specially ornamented buttons that were joined by a small chain. Jewelers began to design increasingly sophisticated cufflinks. In this way, wearing this accessory became a symbol of superiority and distinction throughout Europe. The members of the performs, for example, used them especially for special events; it was the accessory that defined the gentlemen.

Thus, cufflinks became the hallmark of elegance in men's wardrobe, and began to be implemented in daily life as a tool to enhance the image and carry a code of authority and power.