ESCAPE YOUR WORLD | A perfect day in Netherland

ESCAPE YOUR WORLD | A perfect day in Netherland - Castellamare

Start your morning in Amsterdam with a Dutch pancake.

Dutch pancakes are an extremely popular breakfast in Amsterdam, and a great way to begin your time in the city!

The pancakes generally come in two forms: pannenkoeken (which are large, full-plate-sized pancakes) and poffertjes (which are small, bite-sized pancakes served in a pile).

Pannenkoeken can be served with either sweet or savory toppings, and poffertjes are generally sweet.

Enjoy a stroll through the 9 Streets.

The 9 Streets are one of the most picturesque parts of Amsterdam, made up of canal-lined streets packed with galleries and unique boutiques.

Whether you’re hoping to snap photos, shop for a unique souvenir, or both, it’s well worth exploring the 9 Streets during your one day in Amsterdam.

Hop on a canal cruise.

Easily one of the most popular things to do in Amsterdam, there’s nothing that can make you appreciate the ingenuity of a canal city quite like hopping on a canal cruise.

There’s something about admiring the phenomenal Dutch Golden Age architecture of Amsterdam’s city center from the water that makes it even more special.

Be sure to plan ahead: the canal cruises do fill up, and not all cruises are created equal.

Wander through Dam Square and past the Royal Palace.

Amsterdam’s main square is one of the most popular places to visit in the city, and its central location makes it incredibly easy to visit during your one day in Amsterdam.

Once a market square, and before that an actual dam that was initially built in 1270, today Dam Square is best known for being the home of the Royal Palace and the central hub of Amsterdam.

Tour one of Amsterdam’s incredible museums.

Amsterdam has hundreds of museums to choose from, ranging from iconic to quirky, but with only one day in Amsterdam, you’ll want to choose one of the city’s most treasured options.

Keep in mind that these museums are incredibly popular–be sure to book your tickets in advance, regardless of which one you choose to visit.

The Anne Frank House.

The secret annex where Anne Frank and seven other people hid from the Nazis for more than 2 years is set in an otherwise unassuming building in Amsterdam, right along a canal.

It is an incredibly moving museum, and we highly recommend visiting, but due to the small size of the space, tickets are very limited.

Ticket sales open 2 months before a given date, often selling out quickly, and additional tickets are released each morning for tours that same day. 


Amsterdam’s most famous art and history museum is home to some absolute masterpieces of Dutch artwork, perhaps most famously Rembrandt’s Night Watch and the incredible collection of art in the Gallery of Honor.

Van Gogh Museum.

While the Rijkmuseum has a handful of Van Gogh’s pieces, the bulk of his work in Amsterdam, as well as personal effects like letters, can be found at the Van Gogh museum.

If you’re a fan of Van Gogh (or his contemporaries, as he’s not the only artist featured), this might be the right Amsterdam museum for you!


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