ESCAPE YOUR WORLD | Arouse emotions in Tenerife

ESCAPE YOUR WORLD | Arouse emotions in Tenerife - Castellamare

Enjoy a day at the beach, walk along one of the trails that enter the lush forests, discover impressive volcanoes and breathtaking landscapes, almost from another world, and impressive ravines and cliffs. Contemplating an infinite sky of stars in good company or making that dream of seeing whales and dolphins swimming in freedom come true… WOW!

A fabulous day at the beach

The lively beaches of fine blond sand and calm waters are found in the main tourist centers of Tenerife, located in the south of the island. But there are also quieter ones that are far from the urban centers in various parts of the coast. We find them made of dark volcanic sand or in the form of wonderful pools and natural pools protected from the waves.

Any choice is perfect to enjoy a fabulous day at the beach. The best thing is to discover them and immerse yourself in them.

Sail with dolphins and whales

Observing the different species of cetaceans that swim freely in the waters of the southwest of Tenerife, one of the few places in the world where they can be seen so close to the coast, is an experience that is difficult to forget.

In addition to the pilot whales and dolphins that live here throughout the year, blue whales and orcas also come to this privileged area. An authentic sanctuary for these incredible mammals that find here the ideal conditions to feed and reproduce.

Climb the highest peak in Spain

If there is something that Tenerife can boast of, it is its extraordinary natural spaces. But there is one that stands out in particular: the Teide National Park, the most visited in Europe. In addition to housing the impressive volcanic structure of Teide, the highest peak in Spain and a World Heritage Site, here you will find the most breathtaking landscape you may have ever seen.

A tour through incredible natural spaces

For most of those who know the island, the Teide National Park is the quintessential natural jewel of Tenerife. But not the only one. Surrounding this volcanic landscape we find another treasure, the Corona Forestal Natural Park, a lush Canarian pine forest that extends in all its immensity through ravines and valleys. A whole spectacle of colors that vary between the intense green of the pines, the blue of the sea and the sky, and the dark tones of the great volcano.

Stroll through well-preserved historic centers

In Tenerife, history is also breathed in several of its towns. A clear example is San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a unique example of an unwalled colonial city that inspired other American colonial cities. This, together with the fact that it maintains the original layout of the 15th century practically unchanged, has made it worthy of being declared a World Heritage Site.