ESCAPE YOUR WORLD | The best hikes in the world - Castellamare
If you're strong enough to take on the best hikes in the world you'll be rewarded with some of Earth's most gorgeous scenery! 1. The Great Ocean Walk, Australia The trek: Located 124 miles south-west of Melbourne, where the Australian coast meets the...
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ESCAPE YOUR WORLD | Welcome to Edinburhg! - Castellamare
There are plenty of exciting things to do in Edinburgh. With stunning architecture, endless winding streets and an awe-inspiring castle perched on a dormant volcano, there's nowhere else quite like it. We're going to help guide you through this amazing...
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ESCAPE YOUR WORLD | A perfect day in Netherland - Castellamare
Start your morning in Amsterdam with a Dutch pancake. Dutch pancakes are an extremely popular breakfast in Amsterdam, and a great way to begin your time in the city! The pancakes generally come in two forms: pannenkoeken (which are large,...
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